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Loren is a Cuban-American indie-pop artist and producer from Dallas, TX. Infused with cinematic elements, her dark and dreamy sound will captivate you and transport you to the melodic world she’s created. Raised by an opera singer and audio engineer, you

could say that she was born to create. She has always used music and the arts as a means of catharsis but has only pursued music professionally for the past 5 years. 


During Loren’s career she has won the hearts of many by performing around the

United States in venues such as Gas Monkey Live, Trees, Texas Live! and House

of Blues. Although she’s performed in these larger venues, she has also had the

opportunity to share intimate moments with her audience through acoustic

sessions such as Sofar Sounds Chicago, where she debuted Lost in Translation, the

first single on her upcoming self-produced album Holy Wars.


Loren finds it incredibly important as a Latinx, female in the entertainment industry to have representation in more technical roles such as producing and engineering. She strives to be a multifaceted artist but also an example to young artists that they can shatter every glass ceiling they encounter.  



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